Flex Focus 400 exp



Flex Focus 400 exp超声系统拥有高帧速,完美瞬时分辨率,成像质量卓越。该系统拥有自动模式调整(AMA)功能,切换模式及深度时,可优化高分辨率B-模式成像。




在19寸高分辨率显示器上,更能看清解剖情况。Flex Focus系统免充电待机工作时长高达4小时,占地面积小,移动性极强。


BK Ultrasound搭配高频线阵探头,提供18–2 MHz的四肢成像,可搭配凸阵腹部探头,如8820e型探头,用于特殊的深神经或椎旁/脊椎成像。BK探头可带来卓越的细节成像,使用户更易在操作过程中看清针。



Dr. Brandon Winchester demonstrates an ultrasound-guided infraclavicular catheter for post-operative pain control.
Dr. Brandon Winchester demonstrates an ultrasound guided tap block for an inguinal hernia surgery. Dr. Winchester points out the identifying anatomy on ultrasound: the external and internal oblique muscles, the transversus abdominis muscle, and the tap plane between the internal oblique and the transverse abdominis. He also shows how to hydrodissect local anesthesia from the place of the tap plane puncture along towards the posterior.
Dr. Brandon Winchester demonstrates a new ultrasound-guided adductor canal catheter technique for post-operative pain control. Dr. Winchester takes an oblique approach that stays as proximal as possible while still maintaining motor sparing.
Dr. Karen Boretsky discusses the use of ultrasound in pediatric anesthesiology: the keys to learning to use ultrasound to guide nerve blocks, the four go-to blocks in pediatric practice, and the success of the program at her hospital.